안녕 everyone~! Today I have some very exciting news. We here at fyeahkorea will be teaming up with Elle (author of the site cuteinkorea) to bring you more exciting pictures and information about life in South Korea.

Who is Elle?

Elle is the owner and author of cuteinkorea and is a wonderful artist! She’s been living in Seoul for about a year :)

How will this work?

Basically, you, the followers, can send us suggestions/questions/requests of what you would like to know more about or see pictures of. Or both!  Then we will forward a handful of these to Elle and she will do her best to get pictures/info/and answer any questions you have about life in South Korea.

So send in those asks guys! This is your chance to get the inside scoop from someone who LIVES in Korea!

And please be sure to visit CUTEINKOREA.COM !!! <3


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